Annual Gross Economic Output


The Bureau of Economic Analysis calculates the economic output of outdoor recreation to be $862 billion, surpassing industries such as mining, utilities, farming and ranching, and chemical products manufacturing.

Outdoor Recreation Creates Millions of Jobs


Outdoor recreation generates millions of quality, high-paying jobs in the United States across a wide variety of industries.

Outdoor Recreation as Part of GDP


Outdoor recreation accounts for 1.9 percent of U.S. GDP.

Percentage of U.S. Employees


Outdoor recreation accounts for 3% of all U.S. employees.

Outdoor Recreation Economy Data Release Webinar

Economic Impact by Industry Segment

$6.2 billion


$37.2 billion


$8.8 billion

Climbing, Hiking, & Tent Camping

$2 billion

Canoeing & Kayaking

$12.2 billion


$11.3 billion


$18.4 billion

Hunting, Shooting, & Trapping

$16.2 billion

Motorcycling & ATVing

$48.2 billion


$5.9 billion

Skiing & Snowboarding

$5.1 billion

Snowmobiling & Other Snow Activities