We’ve put together a survey to capture outstanding LWCF-eligible projects for FY22-FY25 that will meet a diverse array of outdoor recreation needs, support rural economic development goals and increase access-especially in under-served communities who don’t have recreation nearby. Please submit projects with us by clicking “Take the LWCF Project Survey,” and share with community members (for example, state officials, outdoor businesses, local leaders, or recreation-oriented nonprofits) who might have impactful projects to add.

This paper outlines how increased GAOA funding for LWCF Stateside grants can help prioritize recreation projects that will create access in areas far from recreation opportunities alongside balanced economic development for rural communities.

This resource outlines ORR priorities for the National Parks and Public Land Legacy Restoration Fund, a novel resource created through GAOA that designates $1.9 billion annually to address deferred maintenance across land management agencies. The resource delineates strategies in planning, contracting and oversight to ensure the greatest return on the deployment of federal dollars and improve the recreation experience for all Americans.

This October report from the Congressional Research Service outlines how new GAOA funding for LWCF will be allocated between land management agencies, and includes details on processes and criteria each agency utilizes to select projects that align with their mission.