The ORR membership is a powerful network of trade associations, businesses, nonprofits, and state entities. Together we are the lead influencer for the recreation sector and recreation activities in America. When ORR speaks, so does the $1.1 trillion recreation economy. Being an ORR member ensures that your organization is well-networked with other key recreation partners and elected officials, that your priorities stay on the forefront of developing legislation and agency policy, and that you are involved in elevating recreation in the national dialogue as a critical component for economic growth, jobs, quality of life, health, and conservation.

Association Memberships

Recreation-related trade associations and 501(c)(6) entities.
  • Participation in all organization meetings
  • Direct access and invitations to agency meetings and Cabinet & Congressional leadership meetings to educate policy makers on agendas that promote your specific sector and outdoor recreation as a whole
  • Appoint representatives to all ORR committees (Government Relations, States and Communications), Great Outdoors Month and Partners Outdoors strategy calls
  • Patron Members first to Chair/Vice Chair seats on committees
  • Access to ORR data, monthly industry insights, and help drive direction of ORR priorities and strategies
  • Influence ORRA on policy direction and participate in advocacy and outreach
  • First point of collaboration and focus for op-ed authorship, press calls, quotes, and media opportunities
  • Complimentary memberships to partners of ORR when available
  • All Association members are eligible for elected seats to the ORR Board of Directors; Sustaining and Patron Association members can designate a representative to serve on the board
  • Patron Members earn a guaranteed seat on the Executive Committee

Business Memberships

Recreation-based businesses and service providers.
  • Participation in select ORR meetings, access to ORR data, weekly insights, and connection with other recreation brands and sectors
  • Voice for ORR op-eds, press quotes and outreach
  • Featured as sponsors of Great Outdoors Month and Partners Outdoors as well as upcoming 2024 National Summit
  • Work with the ORR team on programmatic opportunities to expand your company’s sustainability, social, and governance work as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion and network with other businesses, non-profits, and trade associations

Business+ Memberships

Recreation-based businesses and service providers.

Leading participation as business voice in ORR priorities. In addition to Business member benefits, Business+ members are incorporated into ORR programming in some or all of the following ways (based on level):

  • Potential seats on ORR Board of Directors and committees
  • Keynote speaking opportunities at ORR events with Congress and outdoor recreation industry leadership
  • Connections to federal agency principals on policy priorities
  • Oversight of education resource development
  • Featured speaking opportunities on ORR webinars

State Memberships

State Offices of Outdoor Recreation who are members of the Confluence of States.
  • Participation in organization meetings, access to ORR data, weekly insights, and influence on ORR priorities and strategies
  • Rotating ORR Board seat
  • Weekly digest of relevant state headlines and updates
  • Invitations to roundtable discussions on future initiatives for the outdoor workforce
  • Work with ORR team on Rural Economic Development programs tailored to states and national recreation growth, like community development that supports jobs and investments in recreation in disenfranchised and rural communities
  • Connections and coordination with federal land and water agency leadership
  • Access to other ORR members businesses in ORR membership and network
  • Highlighted in ORR press, op-eds, social, and other outreach

Supporting Memberships

Recreation and conservation based 501(c)(3) entities, universities, foundations, and societies.
  • Participation in organization meetings, access to ORR data, weekly insights, and connections with ORR members
  • Opportunities to advocate for legislation priorities with ORRA and connect with outdoor business voice in policy maker education and meetings
  • Opportunity to be elected to the ORR Board of Directors
  • Connections and coordination with federal land and water agency leadership
  • Access to ORR’s networks and efforts with State Recreation Directors