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Please click the black “Click Here” button to share specific needs related to outdoor recreation economy development (planning, funding, infrastructure, marketing, etc.) We will aggregate responses in a map for state and federal representatives and agencies to showcase all the communities around the United States seeking support to develop around outdoor recreation. See who’s on the map (updated March 2024)

ORR released the new edition of its rural economic development toolkit in early 2024 on a webinar with nearly 1200 registrants from every state in the country. Chris Perkins, the author of the toolkit, walked through key tools and resources before welcoming a panel featuring:

  • Ta Enos, Founder and CEO, Pennsylvania Wilds Center for Entrepreneurship
  • Stephanie Swepson-Twitty,  President and CEO, Eagle Market Streets Development Corporation, Old Fort, North Carolina
  • Corey Lilly, Manager of Outdoor Community Development, West Virginia University Outdoor Recreation Economic Development Collaborative, Beckley, West Virginia
  • Jessie Powers, Executive Director, Outdoor Recreation Council of Appalachia, Athens County, Ohio

Outdoor recreation has a well-understood role in economic development, improved public health for all, and connected communities. Rural towns and regions across the United States have recognized outdoor recreation’s role in economic diversification and resilience and are seeking to invest in outdoor amenity development that benefits locals and visitors alike. However, many of these communities may not know where to start, need further technical assistance, or require catalytic funding to get their plans off the ground. ORR helps rural communities build sustainable and thriving recreation economies. through its Rural Economic Development Toolkit, Implementation Grants, and other partnerships with rural practitioners around the country. ORR also helped designate millions of new funding from the Economic Development Administration to go towards recreation infrastructure and support economies around the United States.

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