“ORR and our members congratulate former Secretary Tom Vilsack, Congresswoman Deb Haaland, former Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Katherine Tai on their nominations. While all cabinet level positions are vital to running an effective government, the outdoor recreation industry is particularly impacted by the policies and actions of the Departments of Agriculture, Interior, Transportation and the Office of the United States Trade Representative. The outdoor recreation industry looks forward to working together on an economic growth agenda for the nation that focuses on diversity and inclusion, climate change solutions and health through outdoor recreation and is encouraged by President-elect Biden’s choices. These positions are key to tackling harmful tariffs, public lands and waters access for all forms of recreation, and infrastructure and conservation funding so our industry can keep doing what we do best — support jobs, local communities and the health of people, our natural resources and economies across the country.” – Jessica Turner, executive director of Outdoor Recreation Roundtable