Video launches just after National Public Lands Day on 09/23 and amplifies ORR’s Workforce Hub

Outdoor Recreation Roundtable (ORR) launched a new public service announcement (PSA) video today, promoting careers in the outdoor recreation industry. The video is part of an ongoing effort by ORR to support employers, educators, and those interested in joining the $862 billion outdoor recreation industry, as well as the 4.5 million outdoor professionals looking to expand their careers in the sector.


“ORR, in partnership with our members and other leaders in the outdoor industry, has been hard at work over the last year identifying the greatest challenges facing the outdoor workforce,” said Jessica Wahl Turner, President of ORR.“Time and again, we’ve heard that folks just aren’t aware of the diversity of career opportunities available to them or what education and training is needed. From advanced manufacturing and environmental science to trail building and sustainability, there is a place in this industry for everyone. For passionate outdoor enthusiasts, these jobs are an opportunity to not only combine business and pleasure, but to play a role in supporting a sector dedicated to a stronger and healthier future for all Americans.”


In addition to the video, which will be showcased at the Outdoor Media Summit ORR President Jessica (Wahl) Turner is keynoting on September 26 and is available online, ORR continues to grow the Outdoor Workforce Hub on its recently-debuted website. The Hub features a Roadmap for a 21st Century Outdoor Workforce – four core priorities for a thriving outdoor workforce with associated strategies, as well as other resources including a primer on outdoor recreation-related jobs, a four-part Outdoor Workforce Expert series, and a first-of-its kind map of nearly 250 higher education, trade, and training programs for outdoor careers.


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