Outdoor Recreation Roundtable (ORR) applauds The Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM’s) “Blueprint for 21st Century Outdoor Recreation” released today and intended to guide the land agency as it ramps up programs, infrastructure, partnerships and more to meet the growing demand of outdoor recreation.

The BLM manages approximately 245 million acres of public land and water with myriad opportunities for hiking, fishing, camping, climbing, hunting, ATV’ing, horseback riding, mountain biking, snowmobiling, boating and more that contribute billions of dollars to the national and local economies. However, the agency hasn’t traditionally had the tools or focused directive to manage for increased outdoor recreation infrastructure and investments in such a proactive and sustainable way. This Blueprint will help the agency support outdoor enthusiasts and local outdoor recreation economies making them all more resilient for the future, and inviting more people to the wide range of recreation opportunities on BLM lands and waters.

“The outdoor recreation economy continues to grow and become an integral thread in local communities’ and the nation’s economic health, as well as its social and physical health benefits. But, as more Americans get outside and enjoy our public lands, more pressure is put on popular sites with overcrowding and resource management issues. The BLM has 245 million acres of public lands where Americans can and should be encouraged to enjoy all forms of recreation, and know that these same experiences can be enjoyed for generations to come,” said Jessica Wahl Turner, President of Outdoor Recreation Roundtable.

Wahl Turner continued, “This Blueprint could be the game changer that our public lands, outdoor recreationists and industry need to increase outdoor opportunities for more Americans, and grow one of the most dynamic and resilient sectors of the national economy. It Is also an opportunity for the BLM to look at partnerships and inclusion efforts differently, and through a 21st century lens that will support outdoor participation for the next century and beyond.

The new Blueprint is an innovative and necessary plan that aligns closely with ORR’s efforts to see recreation prioritized and managed for, while preserving the health of our nation’s natural resources. ORR stands ready to partner with the agency, currently seeking input on the new plan, to implement important policy recommendations in the Blueprint so that decades from now, outdoor recreation on our public lands and waters is an even more essential and equitable aspect of American life.

See the full “Blueprint” here.